I became collector of urban flotsam at a very early age. As a young lad I made a habit of always looking down, picking up rusty bits and oddments. These bits wound up in uncategorized boxes that my mother mercifully allowed me to keep. My grandmother, out of necessity, saved and brilliantly reused everything, made something from nothing, and I like to think that somehow I have channeled this family trait into a slightly different direction.

Found twisty, rusty wire forms the basis of my current work. My pieces usually begin as three dimensional wire drawings and later incorporate handmade paper. Anthropomorphic shapes, whimsical forms and dream like objects usually find their way in. I tend to let the wire tell me where to go and I am often the victim of a happy accident.

While the end result is important, the hunt for raw materials— along roadways, railways, beaches, flea markets, construction sites—is still what drives me and keeps me connected with my inner six year old that always looked down.

I live, work and play in San Jose, California.